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Nano Assault EX hits EU 3DS eShop this week

Enhanced version of the top-down shooter gets confirmed release

Shin'en Multimedia has confirmed a European Nano Assault EX release date of March 7 - in line with this week's eShop update.


The title will be released as a download for 3DS via the digital eShop. A US release is yet to be confirmed.

Nano Assault EX is an enhanced version of Nano Assault, which originally released on 3DS in 2011. The new 'EX' version of the game will feature improved visuals and support for the Circle Pad Pro peripheral for twin-analogue controls.

The game will also get new gameplay modes, including Boss Rush, Mission and Survival modes. Players will also see how their performances measure up with others around the world with new online leaderboards.

Here's a trailer:

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