Creative Assembly's Alien: Leaked image points to original movie

Blurry photo shows a crash test dummy wearing Nostromo clothing

The Creative Assembly has seemingly provided the first look at its secretive Alien game via a since-edited background image on its Twitter page.


As reported by AvP Galaxy, the alleged screenshot - which is said to have appeared on a Creative Assembly employee's computer in an office photograph - features what looks like a female crash test dummy sporting a t-shirt bearing the patch of the Nostromo, the ship on which Ridley Scott's original horror film was set.

We haven't heard anything solid about the game since it was announced for consoles back in May 2011, but a title based on the original Alien film could tie in to comments made by former Sega West boss Mike Hayes, who described it at the time as one the publisher wanted "to be a peer to the likes of Dead Space 2".

The Creative Assembly's website refers to the project as a "jaw-dropping title based on the Alien IP", and a job listing placed last year suggested the game will be released on current and next-gen consoles.

According to the AvP Galaxy site, a demo of an early prototype was based around recreating the feel of the Nostromo's medical bay.

Sega declined to comment.