CVG LivePlay: Tell us how to play... Dark Souls

Watch us try (and fail) to take the first two bosses

You know what the most terrifying thing about Dark Souls is? The thought of playing it for upwards of thirty hours and missing cool things like the Drake Sword. Or developing a character for hours only to find you've actually just created the biggest loser ever to escape the Undead Asylum.


Dark Souls is obtuse, and that's part of the fun. It's a game where having a know-it-all veteran at hand to give you gentle pushes in the right direction can make all the difference. Ordinarily, internet FAQs and YouTube guides are the way to go, but that's no fun...

So, from 6pm GMT / 1pm ET CVG's Tamoor Hussain will kick off a Dark Souls live stream. The chat will be running on a PC nearby and he'll be consulting it on everything from the name and class of the hero, to where he should go and how he should tackle areas.

Seasoned adventurers are encouraged to jump into the chat and play the role of tour guides. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and we'd hope you'll all be kind. But if you collude and decide you're going to make this as hard as possible for him, then so be it.

At the very least we'll have a 'grown man cries while playing Dark Souls' video to put up on YouTube when we're done.

See you at six!

UPDATE: The livestream has now finished. Here's the recording of the full thing.

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