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Thief dev: 'There are a lot of action titles... this is Thief'

Eidos Montreal talks publicly for the first time via video

The developers of Thief 4 have publicly discussed their next-gen stealth sequel for the first time, via a Game Informer video.

"There are a lot, a lot, a lot of action titles. I think people now really enjoy to just take their time. This is Thief - you are a master thief," it says.

"The other [Deus Ex] team did a very good job for another franchise, so we want to make sure to prove that for Eidos Montreal it's not a question of luck because we know what we do. When we say we 'reinvent the franchise'... it's Thief."

The first Thief 4 screenshots appeared online this afternoon, along with confirmation that the sequel - simply called 'Thief' - will release in 2014 for PC, PS4 and "other next-gen platforms."

The new game sees series hero Garrett return to the Gothic, industrial metropolis known simply as the City, looking "to steal any and everything that will make him richer."