Arma 3 trailer offers 'sneak preview' of sandbox content

Bohemia Interactive marks the start of alpha testing with new footage

Bohemia Interactive has released a new trailer today for its latest military sim, Arma 3, showing off sandbox gameplay, vehicles and new scuba diving mechanics.


The firm kicked off alpha testing for Arma 3 today. The alpha release features "a limited amount of playable and sandbox content, receive regular updates and remain accessible until Arma 3's beta starts" later this year", according to the developer.

Bohemia has also said it will release a free, limited version of the alpha called 'Arma 3 Alpha Lite'. It will be available on March 14 and does not include a multiplayer component or modding support. Hit the above link for all the details.

Arma 3 will was delayed to a vague 2013 release and will go live exclusively via Valve's digital delivery platform, Steam.

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