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Head of Xbox: Steam Box is not a competitor

Don Mattrick identifies Apple and Google as competition

Valve's Steam Box is not considered a competitor to Microsoft's console concerns, the company's president of Interactive Entertainment has said.


Speaking at Microsoft's TechForum (via The Verge), Don Mattrick responded to a question regarding the Steam Box's status as a competitor with a firm "no".

Mattrick conceded that Valve is "doing some innovative stuff", but identified other major players as more immediate concerns. "The scale of products and things that are being brought to market are probably a little bit richer when I look at Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google," Mattrick said.

Gabe Newell voiced his own concerns regarding competition in January. "The threat right now is that Apple has gained a huge amount of market share, and has a relatively obvious pathway towards entering the living room with their platform," he said.