! Solid Snake actor David Hayter asks fans how they'd feel if he didn't reprise role

David Hayter is Snake. Just like Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, Kevin Conroy is Batman and Mark Hamill is Joker.


The two are inseparable. For fans, the mere thought of a Metal Gear Solid game without David Hayter voicing the character is world-shattering.

No David Bateson as Agent 47? We'd have survived. No Micheal Ironside as Sam Fisher? Annoying but we'll deal. Someone other than David Hayter as Snake. No fucking way. Wouldn't work.

Would it..........?

Oh this isn't a good Tweet. We don't like this Tweet at all.

What could this mean? Are Konami thinking of replacing him? Is this a preemptive move to secure his position? Will there ever be a new Guyver movie? Is this nothing but trolling?