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EA may have 'a couple' of new sports franchises incoming

CFO references future sporting titles though doesn't specify

EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has hinted at the publisher's plans to expand its sports game portfolio.


Speaking at the Wedbush Technology Conference, Jorgensen addressed questions regarding EA's future releases.

"For us, the big opportunities continue to be the FIFA franchise, the Battlefield franchise and then the core sports of Madden, NCAA, NHL, adding NBA and possibly a couple of new sports franchises along that way," he said, as quoted by "">Polygon.

"Clearly, that's a big strength of the company and we want to continue that."

Jorgensen also clarified that EA's NBA Live franchise hasn't been cancelled, but rather the publisher "didn't deliver [it] on time".

The CFO also clarified during the conference that EA does not intend to implement microtransactions in every game it publishes.