Amazon withdraws SimCity downloads amidst server debacle

Online retailer pulls game one day ahead of UK release

Amazon has halted the sale of digital copies of SimCity amidst ongoing server issues which prevent buyers from playing the game.


Electronic Arts has found itself engulfed by criticism from rattled customers as its SimCity server connection failures continue into the third day since its release.

The construction strategy game, which launched on Tuesday, cannot be played unless customers log into the game's servers.

While physical copies of the game remain on sale via the US arm of Amazon, digital purchases have been listed as "currently unavailable", with the below notice stating:

"Many customers are having issues connecting to the "SimCity" servers. EA is actively working to resolve these issues, but at this time we do not know when the issue will be fixed."

The game is, at the time of writing, still available for purchase in both retail and digital forms via EA's own Origin store. On Amazon UK the game remains to be listed for release tomorrow, March 8.

EA has today resorted to temporarily disabling "non-critical gameplay features" within SimCity in a bid to regain control of the overbearing traffic that has rendered the title unplayable.

A spokesperson for the company said "we are continuing to do everything we can to address the server issues".

The first batch of SimCity reviews were united in praise of the Maxis-developed game.