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2003 - F-Zero AX arcade flyer

In 2002 Nintendo, Sega and Namco combined forces to release the Triforce arcade system board, which was essentially a version of Nintendo's GameCube hardware modified for arcade gaming. As part of the alliance between the three companies, Nintendo allowed Namco and Sega to make games based on key Nintendo series.

Namco created a Mario Kart arcade series entitled Mario Kart Arcade GP (the latest of which will hit arcades later this year), and also developed a GameCube StarFox game, StarFox Assault. Sega, meanwhile, was given the keys to F-Zero.

Sega released two F-Zero games at the same time: F-Zero GX (on the GameCube) and F-Zero AX (an arcade game using the Triforce board). Players could take their GameCube memory cards to their arcade and insert them into the arcade version, sharing saved data between the two version.

It was recently discovered that the entire F-Zero AX arcade code is present and playable on the F-Zero GX GameCube disc.

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