Miyamoto: Wii U interface performance to be improved 'by summer'

Nintendo holding out to improve as many features as possible in one go

Mario creator and Nintendo senior managing director Shigeru Miyamoto has said the firm will release a Wii U update to improve the system's interface performance 'by this summer'.


"Since the system was released, we've spent a great deal of time looking at how people are using it and where they feel it can be improved, and we're currently continuing out preparations for this first major system update that's coming," he said in an interview with Time.

"What we want to do is make sure that when we release it, that we address as many of the different opinions about how people would like to see the system improve as we can at once. We hope to cover a wide range of requests while simultaneously ensuring it's a very stable update to the system," said Miyamoto.

The Wii U's system user interface has been widely criticised for its long load times when switching between games, on-board applications and menu screens.

Speaking during a Nintendo Direct broadcast in January, company president Satoru Iwata apologised to Wii U owners who believe the loading times between selecting a game and playing it are far too long.

Without offering a definitive date, Miyamoto said, "We think that by this summer, the system is going to be very much improved over how it's performing currently."

Miyamoto recently told press that Nintendo is working on at least one project that will utilise the Wii U GamePad's built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality as a matter of high priority.