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Battlefield 4 reveal on March 26, teases EA

Event invites spark speculation over FPS sequel reveal

An EA teaser has sparked speculation that it could be planning to unveil Battlefield 4 at a press event on March 26.


EA has sent invites to members of US press - including IGN - for an event in San Francisco on March 26, coinciding with the Game Developers Conference.

The event is to take place at a movie theatre at 7pm.

While the invite holds off disclosing the subject of the event, IGN notes that the background image, showing what appears to be street lights blurred by heavy rain, features a similar tone and colour palette to that of the iconic Battlefield 3 box art, which made heavy use of dark blues offset with striking shades of orange.

So far, EA has revealed nothing of the game other than its numerical title, and that early beta access would be granted to those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

It's reveal this month is speculation, but given that Battlefield 4 is expected for a late 2013 launch, and considering it has recently been demonstrated to members of the retail business, a big reveal would certainly seem due.