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Avalanche Studios exec: 'PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come'

Just Cause studio sings Sony's praises

The PS4 will remain technologically competitive with PCs for years to come, according to Avalanche Studio's Chief Technology Officer.


The PS4 - which was unveiled in New York last month - is a very powerful gaming machine according to Linus Blomberg, Avalanche's CTO.

Speaking to Gaming Bolt, Blomberg says the console will hold up against the PC for years to come.

"The PS4 will not only be a very powerful gaming machine from a hardware perspective, but it will also be a social tool and integrated marketplace more akin to successful mobile devices."

The exec said the platform was perfect for the open-world action games Avalanche specialises in. "We are confident that we'll bring open-world gaming to a whole new level because of it," he said. "I'm glad Sony decided to go with 8gb RAM because it means that the PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come."

Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg last month posted an image of what appears to be a forthcoming game in the Just Cause series. It's heavily rumoured that Avalanche is also developing an open-world Mad Max game.

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