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Xbox will beat PS4 in next-gen race - analyst

Michael Pachter forecasts a Microsoft win

The next generation Xbox will beat the PlayStation 4, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.


Speaking at SXSW at the weekend, Pachter delivered a presentation outlining his predictions for the next console cycle, and despite Sony's rumoured hardware advantage, he believes Microsoft will reign supreme.

According to the analyst, "Microsoft wins the next generation" thanks to "killer apps" including a TV tuner and Skype. This is according to a presentation slide captured and posted on Twitter by Geoff Keighley.

Meanwhile, Pachter predicts that Sony will thrive in the next generation but is "still playing catch-up", with advantages including the Gaikai streaming technology. On the topic of Nintendo, the company will remain king in the software space, the analyst said, but Wii U sales will prove a setback. Similarly, handheld hardware sales "will lose share to smart phones [and] tablets."

Pachter also believes the era of publishers going bankrupt has come to an end, and PC gaming will "make a comeback".