PS4: A closer look at Sony's next-gen games line-up

Here's an overview of new projects on the horizon

PlayStation 4 is finally here and after Sony's announcement in mid-February, we now know a lot more about how the future of PS4 is shaping up. Although we've yet to see the final design of the console itself we know the PS4 will have PC based architecture, a new controller, a PS4 Eye camera, cloud based game sampling and a whole heap of other details. Be sure to check out our PlayStation 4 hub page for full details and all the very latest.

But ultimately any new console lives or dies by its games and so here's a further look at the first wave of games announced for the platform.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag


Its announcement may have been leakier than a colander coracle but there's little doubt that the PS4 was going to get its own Assassin's game. What was a slight surprise was the setting, a real shiver-me-timbers piratical tale that had us reaching for our big book o' pirate curse words. Still, the omens look promising, set in 1715, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will involve free-form piratical adventures set in the vast tropical playground of the Caribbean, with Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas among the many islands set to feature. Popular AC3 prologue Haytham Kenway's dad Edward is set to star in a buccaneering romp more than worthy of a jig on a dead man's chest. See our Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag preview for full details.

Battlefield 4


EA's all-action battlefield general will be a huge deal for PS4 as it continues its long-standing arms race with Call of Duty. What does the future hold? Enhanced graphics, better connectivity, more sharing? Certainly all of the above and while it's difficult to predict absolute certainties, it will undoubtedly be a bigger and bolder project.

Diablo III


Blizzard's all-conquering all-clicking Diablo 3 RPG comes to the PS4 and the promise it holds is immense. Cracking four-player co-op action is certainly in prospect, but crucially, what part will the new DualShock pad 4 play? PlayStation 4 fans can content themselves with knowing that they'll be grabbing one of the world's premier RPGs and an inferno of demon battling action is on the way.



The Halo creators have their decree absolute from Microsoft and have been plotting an epic persistent co-operative sci-fi shooter that will keep gamers engaged for possibly the next ten years. The good news for PlayStation fans is that their platform gets exclusive PlayStation 4 content and features, although they remain unspecified at this time. Bungie co-founder Jason Jones has described the game as 'amazing on PlayStation 4' and said of the console itself "it's a great piece of gear". Exciting times indeed for PlayStation fans, with Destiny certainly one of the stand-out titles on the platform. Check out our full Destiny Preview for the very latest.

Deep Down


Currently a working title, Deep Down is Capcom's cinematic looking dungeon delver and owes perhaps more than a little influence to its recent hit Dragon's Dogma. It was announced by Yoshinori Ono, the face of Street Fighter IV and is being developed on a new Panta Rhei engine which is specifically designed to take advantage of the next gen hardware. From the little of Deep Down we've seen, classic dungeon crawling will be married with co-op as an important feature, with players able to request help from their friends when facing particularly challenging foes.

Drive Club

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