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Award-nominated 'blind character' game raises eyebrows on Kickstarter

Indie studio Team Pixel Pi wants to raise $75,000 for its PC, Mac and Linux debut

A first-person perspective game with a blind character at its centre has already begun to make significant progress on Kickstarter.

Pulse concept art

Pulse is a "first-person experiential journey" in which the visual picture of the player's surroundings is created by sounds. Using a process similar to echolocation, the player 'builds' a map of the immediate location by noticing or generating sounds within it.

For example, footsteps will reveal the world around a person's feet, or throwing a stone will flash a glimpse of the area it lands in. In the playable demo of the title, a flock of birds flying into the distance created a momentary visual tunnel due to the sounds they carried.

To understand more about the project, a free downloadable demo is available on PC here, and a video demonstration is pasted below.

Developed by Vancouver based indie start-up Team Pixel Pi, Pulse has raised $13,500 of its $75,000 target at the time of going to press. More than 30 days of funding remain for the PC, Mac and Linux game.

Pulse is a nominated finalist for the 2013 Independent Games Festival, under the category of Student Competition Entrants.