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Pandora's Tower hits US shops in April

XSEED picks up publishing duties for long-awaited Wii title

US gamers' long wait for the Wii Japanese RPG, Pandora's Tower, will end in April.


XSEED Games will finally be publishing the title Stateside next month, it confirmed today, dating what is likely to be one the Wii platform's last major releases in the region.

XSEED also released the first US trailer for the game, which can be viewed below. Pandora's Tower was Nintendo-published in Europe where it released back in April 2012.

"The trailer introduces players to Elena, an unassuming singer who succumbs to a wretched curse during a festival performance, Mavda, a mysterious merchant who reveals the fleshy cure to the curse, and Aeron, a young ex-soldier whose heart has forever been pledged to Elena," reads the trailer's official blurb. "Aeron must now embark on a daunting journey to retrieve the flesh of twelve 'masters' and free Elena of her curse."

Pandora's Tower was developed exclusively for Wii in Japan by Ganbarion in conjunction with Nintendo. XSEED Games promises full launch details "in the near future".

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