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CVG LivePlay: Rewatch us play Dark Souls

Episode 2: Saved by the bell

Last week's Dark Souls session ended in defeat. Having spent the best part of two hours gingerly making my way through the opening areas I hit a wall, more specifically a Taurus Demon hit me.


Try as I might, I just couldn't beat it. The livestream chat was filled with excellent advice from seasoned Dark Soulers, but it ended the same way every time: my knight, SunBro, squashed under a giant club.

Having watched the stream back since (you can do the same here), it's obvious what happened. I very easily got it down to a sliver of health and, confident my victory was assured, became careless. I paid the price.

Each following attempt was a mess of poor execution, ill-considered plans and bungled strategies, all culminating in a spectacular ragequit. Competitive fighting game commentators would describe it as getting mindf**ked.

I've had time to recover, farmed some souls, and am ready to take another shot (or few). Hopefully this time I'll stay composed and do away with that tormenting Taurus.

So, from 6pm GMT / 1pm ET today join CVG's Tamoor Hussain (me!) for some live Dark Souls play.

The chat will be running on a PC nearby and I'll be consulting it for advice on how to handle enemies and tips on how to approach areas. Expert adventurers are encouraged to jump into the chat and bestow their Dark Souls knowledge on me.

See you at six!

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