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More Star Wars: First Assault screenshots emerge online

Seemingly showing Bespin and its Cloud City

New screenshots of Star Wars: First Assault have emerged online following yesterday's leaks.


The three new images, leaked to Kotaku, show new scenes on what appear to be the planet Bespin's Cloud City.

Star Wars: First Assault is an unannounced action game which was first leaked via last year.

First screenshots of the titled emerged yesterday in a report that claimed it is a "predecessor" to Battlefront III.

The LucasArts downloadable FPS was originally slated for release this spring, claimed the Kotaku report, and pits teams of eight Stormtroopers against eight rebels in iconic Star Wars locations such as Bespin and Tatooine.

The Unreal Engine-powered title was being treated as "step zero" to a full Battlefront III installment, it's was claimed. But the recent Disney buyout of Lucasfilm is said to have left the game's release uncertain.

New shots are below.