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Road Rash designer may fund series reboot with Kickstarter

Dan Geisler 'just needed 20 years off'

Road Rash programmer and co-designer Dan Geisler has posted on Reddit that he may fund a new game with Kickstarter if there's enough interest.


Responding to a fan question regarding the series - which has been dormant since 1999's Road Rash 64 - Geisler explained the absence of further Road Rash games and sparked hopes for a revival.

"It hasn't resurfaced because I was burned out after Road Rash 3," Geisler posted. "But I'm ready to do another one now. I miss playing it too. If there is enough interest, I'll Kickstart on it."

Geisler aslo posted an image of himself with a dated sign to confirm his identity.

EA currently owns the Road Rash property. When questioned about the revival of classic franchises in 2011, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau addressed Road Rash specifically, saying "we can't just put them on new tech with the same gameplay from ten years ago, we've got to have something new."