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Mojang reveals Minecraft 'Realms' subscription service

Dev targets kids and families with private server option

Mojang plans to launch a new Minecraft subscription service called 'Minecraft Realms'.


The new service will give subscribers their own private Minecraft world - like a private server - with complete control over who can and cannot enter, according to GamesIndustry.

Subscribers will be able to invite friends into their Minecraft world, and they will be able to join free of charge, so long as they own a copy of the game.

Mojang CEO Carl Manneh said the service will target young gamers and families by offering a "safe and easy way" to play online.

"Our costumers [for Realms] are parents who are tired of trying to act as server administrators on behalf of their kids," said Manneh.

"Minecraft Realms will be a simpler kind of service, aimed at families and kids. In the future we aim to offer certain profiles with mods that are certified to work without crashing, but this will still be a safe and easy way for kids and families to play Minecraft online."

While pricing is yet to be confirmed, Mojang has reportedly indicated monthly subscription fees of between $10 and $15.

Realms was created in response to requests from parents who wanted a more secure way for their children to play the game online. And Manneh suggest that it could end up brining in more money for Mojang than sales of the game itself.

"All we know is that there has been a great demand for this service. We have never tried to sell anything to our gamers except the game itself and a little merchandise, so it'll be very interesting to see if the community will be prepared to pay for a service like this," he said.

Minecraft had sold over 20 million copies across all platforms, according to Mojang figures in January 2013.