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Samsung S4 boasts hand gestures, improves on Apple Retina display

Smartphone supports offline 'Group Play'; Samsung presents first-party game controller

Samsung detailed the Galaxy S4 at a New York press event on Thursday, highlighting a range of new features for the flagship Android smartphone.


The Samsung S4 will support offline Group Play, is operable with hand gestures, and boasts a display that will deliver greater clarity than Apple's retina display.

The 4G LTE phone supports WiFi and BlueTooth, has a 13 megapixel front camera and 2 megapixel rear, and is equipped with an infrared LED. It contains 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

The phone is slimmer than its predecessors, though director of product marketing at Samsung Ryan Bidan claims it is "stronger". The S4 is long and wide, with a 5-inch, 441 ppi HD screen.

Other features include a nine language translator, an array of video and photo features, and Group Play, which will "support multi-user games", though these features were not elaborated on.

Meanwhile, the system will carry its own first-party controller, which bears a resemblance to the first-generation Xbox 360 control pads.

Image: Engadget

The smartphone was revealed at an extravagant New York unveiling, and is expected to release by June. The Android phone will be available in 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte versions. Samsung has sold more than 40 million Galaxy S3 units since its release in May 2012.

[image via TechRadar]