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First-party controller for Galaxy S4

Samsung's new flagship mobile apes Xbox design

Samsung appears to have imitated key features of the Xbox 360 pad in designing a first-party controller for its new Galaxy S4 smartphone.


The moulded plastic slab boasts dual analogue discs (similar to the 3DS's circle pad), a D-pad, dual shoulder buttons, and a diamond arrangement of four coloured action buttons.

The colours and layout are particularly reminiscent of the original Xbox 360 controller.

As detailed in an Engadget report, the smartphone game controller attaches via an expandable clamp, syncs with the device wirelessly and is powered by dual-AA batteries.

South Korea based telecommunications giant Samsung revealed its Galaxy S4 at a press conference in New York on Thursday.

The Android based smartphone is packed with a number of new features, from a talking translator to a dual front-and-back camera mode. It carries 2GB of GDDR3 RAM, brining its memory up to speed with modern mid-high-spec PCs.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 also boasts a 5-inch 1080p HD Super AMOLED display, and will ship with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean installed.

No prices were announced for the new smartphone. It is expected to enter retail before June.

The Galaxy S3 has sold 40 million units since its release in May 2012. Many analysts consider it a leading competitor of Apple's iPhone.