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EA deletes forum posts discussing SimCity offline mod

Meanwhile, Maxis dev outlines plans to patch in-game traffic issues

SimCity users eager to escape from the game's always-online restrictions have found their discussions and guides removed from EA's own website.

Erik Reynolds, the senior director of worldwide communications at EA Maxis, said such discussion about hacking SimCity is in violation of terms of service. He did not specify further.

Reynolds went on to take questions and stated that the terms of service policy "is set by legal, but enforced by Maxis".

The update comes as the SimCity server outrage enters its eleventh day.

Maxis general Manager Lucy Bradshaw confessed to CVG in an email interview that she "felt like I have let the team down".

Meanwhile, Guillaume Pierre, gameplay scripter and designer on SimCity, has outlined plans for a new SimCity patch that is thought will remedy the game's problematic traffic management.

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