BioShock Infinite videos: TV ad and Ken Levine Q&A

A quick look at the game and a lengthy developer talk

Below is a new TV commercial for BioShock Infinite, which offers a quick glimpse of a CGI rendition of the floating city of Columbia.


Below that is a BAFTA-filmed developer Q&A featuring creative director Ken Levine discussing 'The Evolution of AI Companions', and various other elements of the new game.

Publisher Take-Two has announced a BioShock Infinite release date of March 26.

Post-launch, Irrational will release three BioShock Infinite DLC packs offering "hours of additional gameplay" that continues "the player's journey in the sky-city of Columbia with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons".

Check out the first five minutes of the game in this BioShock Infinite video.

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