Loved and loathed: 10 games that have split opinions wide open

Featuring a game that was scored 92%... and 1/10

Although a general consensus can be found amongst critics and fans for most releases, there are some games that make it their life's work to split opinion. Here's 10 of the most divisive games, along with the critical reviews from both ends of the scale, and the Metacritic user review voted 'most helpful'. Who do you think got it right? Let us know in the comments below.


Metascore: 78 [Xbox 360, 64 Critics]


"We tried to open up the accessibility of the IP a little bit by adding a little bit more action, but not undermining the horror. We can't not be a horror game because that's what Dead Space is."
Frank Gibeau, President, Electronic Arts Labels

"Dead Space 3 evolves the winning formula into a title not only befitting of the fantastic series, but also one of the best games of this generation."
Game Informer, 9.75/10

"Dead Space 3 is a let down because it's not a very good action game, and a really substandard horror game. It is devoid of ideas, hung up on laborious combat and obsessed with making even the exciting seem boring. In truth, it's a bit of a shocker."
VideoGamer, 5/10


"As a 3rd person shooter it's clumsy and antiquated. As a Dead Space game, it is completely out of context with its predecessors, the story and writing are hackneyed, derivative, uninspired, lazy; its just bad, no way around it, cringe inducing. A game developed with a focus on ticking off boxes in order to appeal to a wider audience."
BasicSpace, 4/10
User Score: 6.1/10 [472 Ratings]


Metascore: 63 [Wii, 54 Critics]


"We're honored to announce this exciting new franchise and we're confident that Red Steel will be the must-have title when it launches. We have been working closely with Nintendo to take full advantage of the innovative controller to create a thrilling experience that can only exist on [Wii]."
Serge Hascoet, Chief Creative Officer, Ubisoft

"Liquid movement... A massive improvement on previous console FPS control, not only making excellent use of the Wii's controllers (but) huge fun in its own right. For a launch title to get so much right is an indicator of great things to come."
NGamer Magazine, 90/100

"Nintendo wants the Wii to be a portal to the future of gaming, where new players can peacefully co-exist alongside the hardcore. And there are already games for the system that prove such a goal can be achieved. But Red Steel is a time machine that only goes backwards to the age when a glut of no-name shooters clogged the shelves."
Game Revolution, D (on a scale of A to F)

"Red Steel is a hard game for me to review because I liked the game overall, but many of the game's glitches/problems could have been easily fixed. The hook of the game is that it is part shooter part sword fighter, but sadly the sword slinging is clunky and most of the time not much fun. The gun motion controls are also a bit of a problem, while most of the time they work fine some of the time they will freak out and you will start spiraling in a circle for about a second - but keep in mind this is very rare problem."
Reviewer, 6/10
User Score: 6.8/10 [107 Ratings]


Metascore: 48 [Xbox 360, 44 Critics]


"When you're dealing with suspense and horror, you really have to get to know characters and really have time with them to understand and feel the loss when they're taken by Aliens."
Brian Martel, Chief Creative Officer, Gearbox

"On an express elevator to otherworldly awesomeness... Like most successful license-based games, Aliens: Colonial Marines is much more than a loving homage; it serves as one of the most robust story-driven co-op experiences to date. The concept definitely has room to grow, but as maiden voyages go, Colonial Marines is a clear winner."
EGM, 9.0/10

"Even if it were polished to an acceptable, 2013-standard AAA shine, Colonial Marines would still only be a generic effort coasting on borrowed iconography. Weighed down by so many grindingly obvious mechanical issues, it never even gets off the ground. For a game all about exterminating bugs, it's a fatal irony."
Eurogamer, 3/10


"Please don't buy this game, it's a major disappointment all round. It's so bad I felt compelled to sign up to Metacritic so that I could prevent others making the same mistake as me. Save your money or better yet, buy Borderlands 2 if you haven't already got it."
KleenexTex, 4/10
User Score: 3.8/10 [311 Ratings]

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