Unfinished Swan studio teases new game

Codename 'Edith Finch'

Giant Sparrow, the studio responsible for 2012's critically acclaimed The Unfinished Swan, has teased a new game.


Codenamed 'Edith Finch', the studio insists in a blog post that its not a sequel to The Unfinished Swan, though "it's not a million miles away either".

"If you like surreal experiences and games that aren't much like like anything you've ever played before then you'll probably like it," the post reads.

No other details have been offered as the game is "still kind of a secret", though the studio is currently hiring a game designer, art director and producer.

The Unfinished Swan released exclusively for PS3 in 2012. We described it as "a gorgeous game that spins a charming fairy tale yarn and entertains with fun gameplay".