HMV slashes UK Wii U premium bundle to £200

Retailer sinks £140 from original RRP in new bid to shift stock; Deal begins March 25

The stuttering sales momentum of the Wii U in the UK has forced one retailer to take new action to shift units.


HMV is selling a custom Wii U Premium bundle - which includes copies of both NintendoLand and ZombiU - for just £199.99. This equates to a £140 discount on what the console was originally priced at.

It also means that HMV would be selling the console per unit for £50 less than the trade price it was bought at - machinations of a stock clearance operation.

The new price advertisement was spotted by an MCV reader who informed the publication.

CVG understands that the discount is part of a wider remit to clear a whole variety of electronics goods at HMV. The retailer, which entered administration in January, now operates half the number of stores it had at the end of 2012, with about 70 per cent the capacity.

The retailer has run a 'blue cross' sale for many weeks to clear a variety of stock.

[Update: HMV has told CVG that the discount deal will take effect nationwide from March 25 and will only be available while stock lasts.]

Following a strong day-one launch, sales of the Wii U have flat-lined across the UK. One retailer recently started selling the basic model for £190 in a bid to shift stock.

However, executives across the retail sector are beginning to show signs they are losing patience with Nintendo.

Executives from major outlets say the unofficial Wii U price cuts haven't had the desired impact - and have called on Nintendo to act fast if it wants to revive the console's flagging sales.

Amazon, Asda, ShopTo and GameStop have all taken a hit by introducing a £50 Wii U price cut, but the console is apparently still underperforming and some retailers may look to reduce shelf space dedicated to the product.