Bioshock Infinite gameplay video: meet Elizabeth

Contains some mild story spoilers about your first encounter

Below you'll find a new BioShock Infinite gameplay video.

Featuring protagonist Booker DeWitt's introduction to Elizabeth, the mysterious character players are sent to extract from the game's floating city of Columbia, it contains some mild story spoilers.

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We said the game is "sky-high with character, conspiracy, controversy and chaos" in our just-published BioShock Infinite review.

A section on Elizabeth reads: "Busting Elizabeth out of jail marks the beginning of the story rather than the end. For the most part she accompanies you in your attempt to escape an increasingly anarchic Columbia.

"Although unskilled in combat she is adept at avoiding confrontation, and occupies herself during firefights by scavenging dead bodies for health, ammo et al and tossing them to you on demand.

"As Elizabeth learns more about her fearsome powers, she gains the ability to drag in objects from another dimension - such as turret guns, grapple hooks and cover."

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