Battlefield 4 release date rumour: pre-order poster lists fall 2013

EB Games pre-order customers may receive real dog togs

Chinese website Gamersky has published an image of what it claims is an EB Games poster advertising the Battlefield 4 release date and an exclusive pre-order bonus.

The poster lists an Battlefield 4 release date of autumn 2013 and says those who pre-order the game will receive "a pair of real Battlefield 4 dog tags while supplies last".


As well as short videos teasing ground-based, naval and airborne combat, the official Battlefield 4 website has published artwork showing a female character and hinting at battles in Shanghai.

EA will host a Battlefield 4 reveal event at GDC tomorrow and release the first Battlefield 4 trailer on Wednesday.

The publisher previously confirmed that those who pre-ordered the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition would be granted access to the Battlefield 4 beta in autumn 2013.