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Eve Online 'Odyssey' expansion coming June 4

CCP details its nineteenth free expansion pack

CCP has confirmed that Eve Online's nineteenth free expansion, titled 'Odyssey', will be released on June 4.


According to the developer, the new expansion "offers new tools for exploring the stars, challenges you to breach the unknown for adventure and rewards, and to face what lies on the other side".

It adds, "A re-imagined scanning system, intuitive navigation and new exploration modules will aid you as you search the heavens for your next conquest. Some will encounter sites never discovered before, and others will be confronted with intriguing tests of skill and resolve. Ample rewards await those that return from their journeys with ships intact."

The update will also introduce new ships, a new 'Discovery Scanner' system to help pilots uncover the secrets of the open universe, and will extend the story "following the Battle for Caldari Prime, with participatory events spawning unique player stories in two games at once".

Eve Online surpassed half a million subscribers for the first time in its history, claimed developer CCP in February.

The studio says the milestone "continues ten consecutive years of subscriber growth and follows the December 4 release of Eve Online: Retribution, the game's 18th free expansion and its most successful ever".