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Mojang's new game 'Scrolls' launches in April

Arriving in Beta form at a discount

Minecraft developer Mojang is targeting an "end of April" release for its new game, Scrolls.


"We are aiming for release at the end of April and it's looking pretty good,"co-founder and game designer Jakob Porser told Polygon.

The studio plans to give its card collecting strategy game the same community-assisted development treatment as Minecraft received, so the game will be released in 'beta' form at a discounted price.

"We've been wanting to release it for awhile because we want to have the same sort of development as Minecraft," said Porser. "We'll release it early at a discount. With the help from our community, we'll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that."

Porser held off confirming a price, but did say that Scrolls will launch at a similar price to Minecraft, which initially costed $10 in early beta before going up in phases to $15 and finally $20.

The game will start life as a PC exclusive, but Mac port is planned and a Linux version is under consideration.

Select players were last year given the opportunity to try out an early alpha version of Scrolls.