Battlefield 4: DICE says it needs to 'step up its single-player game'

Series' exec producer says studio and fans are "more worried about" campaign than multiplayer

DICE needs to up its game when it comes to single-player Battlefield experiences in order to earn the full respect of the series' fans, according to executive producer Patrick Bach


Speaking to CVG during a wide-ranging Battlefield 4 interview conducted at GDC this week, Bach said both DICE and its fans are more concerned about the quality of the newly revealed game's campaign component than its online one.

Explaining the decision to showcase the shooter's single-player offering in the first Battlefield 4 gameplay video, Bach told us:

"Showing multiplayer would've been hard I think. It's hard to showcase multiplayer in a good way so everyone gets it. Also I think we have a strong heritage of making good multiplayer games, so I don't think people are as worried about multiplayer as they are about our single-player."

Asked if the studio wanted to express that the single-player campaign will improve upon Battlefield 3's, Bach continued: "It's hard to convince someone with 'only' 17 minutes of software, but in general I think yeah - people are more worried about what we're doing with single-player than what we're doing with multiplayer.

"Also I think that we are more confident with multiplayer than we are with single-player, so to us we need to step up our game when it comes to single-player too in order to earn the respect of Battlefield players.

"We have the luxury of having an awesome multiplayer and only a 'good' single-player in BF3," he added. "So of course people have been positive with our single-player, but nobody thinks it's as good as our multiplayer - so that's where we have to step up our game."

For insight into how the studio intends to improve upon BF3's campaign, check out the full Battlefield 4 interview.

Earlier this week, EA confirmed a Battlefield 4 release date window of autumn 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.