Comments of the Week: Wada they going to do now? (I am so sorry)

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


"I don't think this game needed a 2 page review. Just a screen shot. My brother actually bought this game. I said why didn't you go with the actual good Walking Dead game and he said he didn't like the look of it. Needless to say, i no longer consider him my brother." - brookie_2001

I know it's hard, but you did the right thing.

"The man that invented the two cans an a bit of string communication method must be up in arms and preparing a lawsuit as we speak!

"Not sure why Chuck Norris is doing this picture, but ok." - richomack360

Dead people are so easily upset

"I heard it's like Assassins Creed 3 but fourer. Worth a shot." - TheLastDodo

I'll allow it. Shot's good.

- Padua

It'll do until I can convince Capcom to make a new Dino Crisis.

"Wada they going to do now? (I am so sorry)" - Chris Scullion

Give this man a raise

"Not very comfortable, they're hollowed out PSones." - FishyGinger

I get the feeling that comment was way more prescient than you intended it to be. Nevertheless *thumbs up*