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BioShock Infinite: PS3 vs Xbox 360 gameplay comparison

How do the two console versions stack up?

Here's a BioShock Infinite gameplay comparison video aligning the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions side-by-side for your scrutiny.

Both direct feeds were captured through HDMI outputs at 1280 x 720p, and show some of the opening scenes in the game.

If you're yet to choose which version to pick up, maybe this will help you decide...

Close Close

The critically acclaimed game released in US and Europe on March 26 for PS3, Xbox and PC.

In our BioShock Infinite review we called it "a robustly-built shooter capable of trading shots with the very best in the genre", and scored it 9.1/10.

It also received perfect or near perfect scores from several other publications - see our BioShock Infinite review round-up - making it 'the highest rated game of 2013' so far.