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MS. Splosion Man released on iOS

PC version due out 'next week'

Developer Twisted Pixel's critically acclaimed XBLA platformer Ms Splosion Man has released via Apple's iOS App Store.


Outsourced to Chicago developer Iron Galaxy, the iOS version is dubbed a "new and upgraded experience". As Twisted Pixel explains, "This iteration of the game features many franchise firsts, such as the introduction of powerups and 1,500 challenges to complete and earn 'fame'. The 6 new powerups give Ms. Splosion Man all new ways to splode like slowing down time, nuclear sploding, four splodes, super speed, and more."

Meanwhile a PC version is due out next week, adds the developer. The PC port is a "faithful adaption of the Xbox 360 version" ported by Firehose and Panic Button Studios.

Ms Splosion Man is a fast-paced platformer which launched on Xbox Live Arcade to positive reviews in 2011. It's the sequel to the equally critically acclaimed Splosion Man.

The iOS version is available now for $2.99.

Here's an iOS release trailer:

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