YouTube reveals new live-streaming support for game developers

New API to make live-stream support easier for future game projects

YouTube has revealed new development software that will make it easier for game developers to support live-streaming in their games.


New development API will, according to the GDC announcement, simplify the process of allowing live-streaming in new games.

According to The Verge, the new API will simply allow developers to send YouTube a video feed from their games, and YouTube will handle the transcoding process and broadcast it live.

This is said to be similar to tech previously used in games such as Black Ops 2, which lets users broadcast live gameplay via the video website. But the introduction of new API will open up the service to the wider development community.

The new streaming features are also said to allow users to schedule breaks in their stream for the insertion of a still image or an ad.

Gameplay streaming has become increasingly prominent in recent years, spawning websites such as the popular Twich TV, which is entirely dedicated to live streaming games.

Even Sony is taking video streaming seriously with bespoke hardware built into the PlayStation 4 that will allow users - at any time - to retrieve and share the most recent few minutes of gameplay footage using a specific 'Share' button on its new DualShock 4 controller. PS4 will also support live streaming of gameplay to PSN friends and the wider public.