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Epix movie streaming service hit US PS3s today

Movie and TV show provider launches app for US PlayStation owners

Movie and TV show provider Epix has launched a new streaming app for PS3 in North America today.


"EPIX offers a host of streaming entertainment like comedy shows, championship boxing matches, concerts, and movies. It includes recent releases like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Captain America: The First Avenger and Transformers: Dark of the Moon," according to Sony.

"The team at EPIX has partnered with some of the top movie studios in the industry like Paramount, MTV Films, MGM and Lionsgate to offer over 3,000 HD movies," it adds.

The app is free for all to download, and a free 14-day trial is also offered. After that, you'll need a subscription to the Epix channel through your cable provider (commonly as part of movie channel bundle packs of varying prices).

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to watch one movie per month for free without a subscription.

The Epix app can be found in the 'Media & Apps' section of the PS Store, and will turn up in the 'TV/Video Services' category on the PS3 XMB after being downloaded.