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Epic: Fortnite 'might be the best thing we've ever done'

Gears studio pulled GDC content at last minute, reveals Rein

Epic Games decided to pull all Fortnite content from its tech-focussed GDC meeting just three weeks ahead of time, one of the company's most senior executives has revealed.


Speaking to CVG in a new interview, Epic Games VP Mark Rein said he didn't want to "ruin people's first impression" of the title by using its assets in the firm's Unreal Engine 4 engine demos.

Rein went on to claim that the co-op action game - first unveiled December 2011 and rarely seen since - "might be the best thing we've ever done."

"It's so good that I pulled all Fortnite content from this engine demo three weeks ago," he said.

"All of the Unreal demos we were going to do [at GDC] were all going to use Fortnite content. You saw in the tools demos - the rooms, the globes, the animations... that was all created after I said, 'Fortnite is too good to ruin in this demo.' And by ruin I meant showing people a little, tiny bit of it - a little streak of world."

Epic will now take its time with Fortnte, Rein said, before showcasing the title via "a very slow rollout" followed by hands-on time with "a few hundred people."

"It's got such a long lifespan that we just don't want to rush it," he explained. "With your first impression of it, you need to understand what it is. So if you don't do that you sort of ruin people's first impression of it."

The PC exclusive is described as "a co-op sandbox survival game," that has players scavenging for resources to build fortifications as they battle for survival against hordes of monsters.