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Free SimCity DLC is a Nissan Leaf charging station

Charge up your electric cars to make Sims happy

EA has released free SimCity DLC in the form of the logo-plastered but happiness-inducing Nissan Leaf Charging Station.


Available to download now, EA says the new city destination offers a number of positive benefits when Sims visit it to recharge their electric cars.

"This free in-game item is the perfect way to kick start your desire to create a city that will make you (and your Sims) happy.

"In the case of your Sims, the charging station provides happiness to the Sims that use it and a onetime wave of happiness to the nearby businesses. Need another bonus? It produces no sewage or garbage. That's right! Green indeed."

Details on how to download the charging station, which is available for the next six months, can be found here.

The most recent SimCity update introduced a number of general bug fixes, as well as road and text improvements.