Destiny draws inspiration from The Wire and Lost - Bungie design director

Next-gen shooter turns to serialised drama for ideas

Destiny design director Joe Staten says television serials such as Lost and The Wire have served as inspiration when developing the title's narrative.


Speaking to GameSpot, Staten said that while the team has traditionally turned to film for ideas for Halo, Destiny will draw from popular television series.

"Really for this game, we looked at serial television; great dramas like Lost or The Wire; Battlestar Galactica," he said.

The focus on serialised drama coincides with the studio's desire to build a story over time. "It really helps to have an understanding of how you build this longer-form narrative," Staten said. "So for us, that was a really interesting new thing we did."

Destiny is due to release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, though publisher Activision has confirmed it won't hit retail in 2013.