EA voted 'Worst Company in America' in consumer poll

Publishing giant takes the title for a second year running

It comes as no surprise that Electronic Arts has been voted the 'Worst Company in America' for a second year running.


Like last year, the game publisher once again faced off with Bank of America in the poll's 'final' stage, and took the title with over 78 percent of the votes.

The poll, hosted by The Consumerist, put several major US firms on the chopping block, including Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook, among others.

The Consumerist said, "Following last year's surprise Worst Company In America victory by Electronic Arts, there was hope that the video game giant would get the message: Stop treating your customers like human piggy banks, and don't put out so many incomplete and/or broken games with the intent of getting your customers to pay extra for what they should have received in the first place."

The site went on to criticise the firm's use of annual release schedules for games, game prices, Mass Effect 3's "rushed endgame", and SimCity's turbulent launch in connection with the game's always-on internet requirement, which EA says has nothing to do with DRM.

EA chief operating officer Peter Moore braced for the inevitable results of the poll with a defensive statement last week in which he said, "We can do better. We will do better."

He also went on to defend the company, noting that its dominance of the consumer poll is down to the large internet-savvy presence of its critics versus the other firms on the list, and highlighting some of the positive performance figures of the firm.

"Every day, millions of people across globe play and love our games - literally, hundreds of millions more than will vote in this contest. So here's my response to this poll: We can do better. We will do better. But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them," said Moore.