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Dark Souls 2: From Software 'discussed going next-gen'

New engine will mean no repeat of the original game's frame rate issues, studio also says

From Software discussed the possibility of developing Dark Souls 2 for next-generation consoles, but decided to target current hardware to satisfy more immediate demand.


"Discussions of next-gen did actually come up briefly," Dark Souls 2 producer Yui Tanimura admitted in an interview with us. "But if we were to develop for next-gen we wouldn't be able to deliver the game for a lot longer. We wanted to deliver something to fans as soon as possible."

During a recent Namco Bandai showcase, Tanimura revealed that From Software created a new engine for the sequel: "We still feel there's potential and ability for us to express a little bit more than what we did with Dark Souls, even on current-gen consoles. We hope to stay on current consoles, but express a little bit more, and elaborate on what we were able to communicate with Dark Souls."

Tanimura also played down the possibility of a cross-gen release: "Right now there's no intent to have Dark Souls on next-gen."

A common complaint about the first Dark Souls is its inconsistent frame rate, and according to Tanimura the new engine was also created to address this issue.

"One of the reasons we implemented a new engine was to remedy that drop in frame rate Dark Souls would suffer. For this title we're hoping players don't have to worry about that sort of issue, the new engine should help to solve that."

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