Criterion dev dismisses NFS Underground rumour

Creative director seemingly debunks reboot report

Criterion Games' creative director Alex Ward has seemingly debunked reports that the studio is working on a Need for Speed: Underground reboot.


A logo was supposedly leaked, along with information that the game would take place in a rebooted, original Bayview setting rather than Underground 2's.

Since that report, however, Ward has posted on Twitter, "Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon".

He followed up with, "May as well add this. Sequels.Reboots. Remakes. Been there. Done that."

The director never directly linked to the rumour report in the Tweets, but the timing of such posts would suggest more than just pure coincidence.

The second Tweet would also suggest the studio is working on something entirely new, although Ward has so far left further Twitter questioning unanswered.

Criterion's most recent game was the rebooted Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which hit multiple platforms in 2012.