The War Z devs suggest special servers for cheaters

Allows developers to see cheats in use, work on anticheat development

The War Z developer Hammerpoint Interactive is considering placing all cheaters in special "jail servers," where developers can test and perform anticheat experiments.


Hammerpoint has suggested in a post on The War Z forum that instead of banning cheaters from the game completely, they should be placed in their own servers where they can cheat together.

Cheaters will be banned from playing on the general servers, creating or joining clans and participating in the leaderboards, but will be able to play in "jail servers" where cheats will not be interfered with.

Hammerpoint is requesting feedback from fans regarding the jail servers, making a point to stress that "when we've isolated cheaters on a special server, we can research them better, find out tricks that chat engines are using, [and] try new detection techniques without fearing to ban innocent people. We can use those guys as guinea pigs for anticheat experiments."

There will only be one or two servers for this, which Hammerpoint says is cheaper than paying testers to do what the cheaters are going to do anyway. It will also free up resources for actual game development.

A survey has been opened for fans to give feedback on the idea.