Tekken Revolution breaks cover

Update: Listing could be for new version of Tekken Card Tournament

A new game in the Tekken series was unofficially revealed by Australia's Classification Board on Monday.

Update: Tekken producer has claimed the listing to be for a new version of Tekken Card Tournament, not a new game.

Original story:

Tekken 5

The ratings body listed the mystery game, titled Tekken Revolution, though did not offer any other concrete details. Namco Bandai was unable to comment when approached by CVG.

The publisher previously stated that a new Tekken game was in development and scheduled for release on 3DS.

Although the Australia Classification Board listed Tekken Revolution as a multiplatform game, Polygon suggests that the ratings body "frequently uses the multiplatform distinction for titles that are often only released for a single platform".

Nintendo has announced plans to live stream a Nintendo Direct 3DS event this Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Australia's classification body also seemingly revealed that Bethesda plans to re-release The Elder Scrolls: Arena.