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Valve 'refunded' BioShock Infinite customer after religious complaint

Forced baptism scene criticised by devout Christian

PC games vendor Valve is alleged to have offered one customer a full refund for BioShock Infinite due to a complaint made about the game's religious themes.


Breen Malmberg, who describes himself as a devout Christian, objected to an early scene in the game where the player must acquiesce to a baptism in order to proceed.

In a letter, republished on Kotaku, Malmberg wrote:

"The player is forced to make a choice which amounts to extreme blasphemy in my religion in order to proceed any further - and am therefore forced (in good conscience) to quit playing and not able to experience approx. 99 per cent of the content in the game."

There is no guarantee of refund on Valve's terms of service policy, which suggests this was done under exceptional circumstances. There is no indication from Valve that it will continue to refund players based on their religious objections, nor is there a legal requirement.

In January it was revealed that BioShock Infinite project lead Ken Levine agreed to alter other religious themes in the game to ensure they were not offensive.

"One of the characters in the game was highly altered based upon some very interesting conversations I had with people on the team who came from a very religious background," Levine said.

"I was able to understand they were kind of upset about something."