Pikmin 3 release date confirmed for North America

See a video of the new flying Pikmin

Nintendo of America has announced a Pikmin 3 release date of August 4 in North America.


The game will launch in stores and on the Nintendo eShop simultaneously. A European release date has yet to be confirmed.

During today's Nintendo Direct event, company president Satoru Iwata revealed the game's box art and a new flying Pikmin type called Winged Pikmin, which fly around following the player and can carry items.

Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto described the game as a "real-time action management game" that tasks players with controlling a swarm of 100 Pikmin and carrying out various objectives. The game was first shown at E3 2012 with a new rock Pikmin that can be used to break hard objects.

At the time Miyamoto said Nintendo is "developing [Pikmin 3] with the belief that we can help people understand once again the kind of fun deeper games can offer."

Check out four new screenshots and a video below:

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