EA layoffs spread across the UK and India

Further reports suggest Electronic Arts restructure is widespread

An unknown number of employees have lost their jobs at EA across the UK and India, new online reports show.


The publisher would not discuss the details of its company-wide restructuring, though a purported internal source told Develop a number of staff at London outfit Playfish were made redundant one month ago.

On Sunday EA announced it would be closing all Facebook games developed and managed by Playfish.

On Tuesday, Playfish co-founder Kristian Segerstrale said that the studio had already split "into multiple EA mobile, Maxis and sports studios plus the core of global digital publishing".

He denied that the company had closed down completely.

EA declined to comment when approached by CVG several hours prior to publication. The corporation has previously issued a statement which acknowledges that it is restructuring.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Jobs Twitter account claimed that Sony staff will be visiting Playfish's London office on Wednesday to "talk to anyone at risk of redundancy".

As a further indication of the wide-reaching outcome of EA's restructuring policy, "several" employees at EA's India studio have been made redundant .

Last week, EA was involved in a major layoff operation that affected numerous studios. Numbers were not confirmed, but it was believed that more than 200 people were made redundant.

The downsizing operation comes in the aftermath of the resignation of EA CEO John Riccitiello.