Rewatch: Tell us how to play Dark Souls

Episode 7: Beware the blight

Last week's Dark Souls session was considerably less productive than those before it. We didn't manage to defeat a boss, and in fact ended up at the start area of the game.


It wasn't all for nothing, however. We managed to grab the Rusted Iron Ring, thus eliminating the speed and movement penalty imposed for walking in water. And we managed to sneak behind a marauding Black Knight and pinch a Peculiar Doll from the very first cell we started in.

If you missed last week's stream, you can catch up on 'Episode 6: That's so Raven here.

What happens next? Well, tune in tonight and find out. I'll be streaming the next stage of my journey from 6pm BST / 1pm ET. You can watch it below, or on our page. I'll have an eye on the chat, so you can join in by giving me advice and answering any questions I have.

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